Supporting Quality Food for Children in Child Care

By providing quality, locally-sourced food, Wooden Spoon is committed to our community’s children and families.

Wooden Spoon has a commitment to providing healthy food to child care centers. Owner Natasha Frost is a national expert on child care licensing and nutrition standards. Our meal plans incorporate a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, and can accommodate those children with special dietary needs. We make our whole grain breads and muffins fresh at our on-site bakery. We pride ourselves in minimizing highly processed foods, and instead focus on minimally processed foods with whole ingredients.

We support educating children and families about our local food system. We have a goal of supporting a live-long commitment to eating healthy and supporting our local food system. When children are nutritionally supported, we see growth in all areas of child development including social-emotional and motor development.

We value helping kids have healthy brains and healthy bodies. Our menu meets the updated Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) nutrition standards, a requirement for child care centers in Minnesota.  We work with providers to ensure paperwork compliance.

Our meal offerings support serving children family-style. We work with providers to identify useful information about our food in order to have important conversations with kids about food taste, texture, and color. We also help with parent engagement by providing menus with ingredients.


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