Without this group of women, Wooden Spoon would not be here to serve you amazing food at a fair price. Wooden Spoon is a different type of business, leading through collaboration and transparency, and these five women are what makes that model work!

B Rasmussen

Vice President and Kitchen Manager.

Brigette Rasmussen is Wooden Spoon’s Vice President and Kitchen Manager. This amazing woman, who we fondly refer to as “B.” Her 20-plus years of kitchen and management experience made her the perfect choice to lead the entire kitchen operation. A Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations gives B the tools to run a team, communicate and navigate the multiple events and day-to-day happenings. She is the backbone of Wooden Spoon. With her mentorship and vision, Wooden Spoon has been grounded in our roots of FoodMadeWithLove. B has taken our catering menu to a new level, making it possible for businesses around the region to have locally sourced food that tastes amazing. She has two adorable dogs and a sweet kitty. And she absolutely loves potatoes. She really, really loves potatoes. And we all love her!

Sam Rients

Lead Baker.

Who is the girl you see from 6 am to 7 am? That would be Sam Rients. This Disney loving girl that you see in the morning is your Lead Baker. She is here overnight baking all the goodies you know and love. Sam has been the full-time baker here at Friesen’s for about 2 years. She started here to get back to her roots for her love of baking. She wanted that more family feel of baking. When she started, her family also opened a shop on the same block (Whimsy & Weathered) so it was perfect for her. We are so glad to have her as our Lead Baker, and a pillar of Wooden Spoon’s leadership team.

Natasha Frost

President and Owner of Wooden Spoon

Natasha Frost is the President and owner of Wooden Spoon, and has a passion for healthy, locally-sourced food. Natasha has been running the back-end operations of the company since it opened in 2014. Through her leadership, Wooden Spoon has expanded its catering options to several child care centers, including Head Start programs. At her “day job,” Natasha is a senior staff attorney at the Public Health Law Center at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. She provides legal technical assistance to stakeholders around the country in developing effective policies to promote healthy eating and active living. Natasha has done extensive research in the early care and education settings, including analyzing each state’s child care licensing structure and developing several state-specific resources. She does a lot of work in Kansas, and loves to do sleuthing to find other small restaurants who serve locally-sourced food and are driven by a love of their community. Natasha is excited to lead a woman-owned, women-led business that focuses on community health and vitality. She has brought a different leadership model to Wooden Spoon, including collective leadership, transparent operations and values-based approach.

Nicole Lange

Senior Manager of Finance & Operations

Nicole runs all of the back-end parts of the operation and she literally has her hands in every aspect of the shop. Nicole has led our rebrand effort, including design, website creation and strategic visioning. She manages our finances and human resources. We lovingly call her MacGyver, since she can pretty much fix anything. And, if that wasn’t enough, she fills in as an occasional prep cook and front-end staffer. As Natasha’s sister, she has been part of the business since the beginning, but officially joined the team in March 2015. Nicole is an amazing crafter, loves dogs, and raises chicken, which happen to supply some of our Farm Fresh Eggs. Her family Jay, Talia and Navea have been known to help out as needed, and support the long hours needed to keep Wooden Spoon going.


Briann Kleven

Kitchen Staff

Bri joined our team in August 2018, and immediately took the lead on our child care catering contracts and family meal offerings. Her experience includes two years of culinary school, and cooking locally and on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. She is often seen trying out new recipes, and feeding our crew with the amazing creations!